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Up your plant game- live better

At home and in our shop we’ve vowed to cut down our waste and to increase the amount of green in our life. To help you do the same all our plants for the month of March are 20% off! 

Not only are plants great for the environment, cleaning our air, and lovely to look at, but they have been proven to boost your creativity, reduce stress levels and just overall make you feel and live better- That’s why we’ve brought in twice as many plants for you to choose from this month, along with a bigger selection of zero waste products.

Come in and shop a variety of plants for shelves, for hanging and small trees. We’ve got new charcoal face scrubbers, vegan lip balm, a variety of kitchen and cleaning scrub brushes, French market bags, and of course a big restock of the No Tox Dishwashing blocks.

There’s something for everyone, and every space. Let us help you go Greener.

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